Strange Loop

Sept 30 - Oct 2, 2021


Union Station


St. Louis, MO

2021 Sponsorship Prospectus

Greetings from the Strange Loop Team!

Since 2009, Strange Loop has established itself as the leading venue for the most innovative software developers to meet, share ideas, and create the next wave of technology.

Strange Loop 2021 will be a two day conference (Oct 1st-2nd) with a preconference workshop day (Sep 30th). This year the conference will have all meals in the Union Station midway and the sponsor booths will line the midway. Options are available for quad (Platinum), double (Gold), and single (Silver) booths. The booths will be open during both conference days and on Friday evening (not on the preconference).

If you're looking to connect with some of the world's best and brightest software professionals, then Strange Loop is the place. Whether you're interested in brand awareness, hiring, education, supporting a great conference, or creating direct connections to key influencers, Strange Loop has options for you.

Alex Miller, Founder

Who Attends Strange Loop?

Strange Loop is primarily a conference focused on developers and architects:

Attendees come from both small startup and consulting companies and from large enterprises, a wide range:

And those companies are all over the United States and the world, a reflection of the industry as a whole:

Why Do People Like It?

Feedback comments from Strange Loop 2019:

"I love Strange Loop's interdisciplinary nature. It feels like I see talks there that I wouldn't see anywhere else."

"The diversity of talks, speakers, and attendees, and the depth of some of the content, significantly exceeds that of any other conference I attend."

"The huge variety of topics and products and backgrounds was an inspiring reminder of what computer technologies can do. The ability to write code is a superpower, but it's easy to forget that being an engineer can be about creation, and not just implementation. It was an incredible experience."

"The wonderful inclusive atmosphere and breadth of talks."

"I love the broad range of topics, from theory to ops to art, and always come back motivated to try something new!"

"I love the variety of topics & companies represented across different topics. Also love to see so much diversity in both attendees and presenters."

"So many conferences are about a particular language or technology and I think we tend to get stuck in our little ruts. Strange Loop was an amazing opportunity to surround myself with some of the smartest people in the world and see what they're all thinking about."

"Meeting new people, making new friends. I came away with a network of people to support me on my path no matter where it leads."

"Hands down the most diverse, interesting, and well thought out talks I've been to at a conf, can't wait to go next year!"

"Strange Loop is consistently an affordable, quality conference with amazing attendees and useful talks. Hands down my favorite conference of all time."

Sponsorship Levels

There are several sponsorship levels - Platinum, Gold, Silver, or Supporting. Additional sponsorship add-ons are available in the following section for additional visibility or features.

Platinum - $14,000 (3 of 4 available)

Platinum sponsors receive the following benefits:

Gold - $10,000 (6 available)

Gold sponsors receive the following benefits:

Silver - $6,000 (10 available)

Silver sponsors receive the following benefits:

Supporting - $3,000

Supporting sponsors receive the following benefits:

Sponsorships Add-Ons

All sponsorship add-ons build on the base level sponsorships above to provide extra visibility or features. If you wish to combine perks or consider other options, please contact us.

Lanyard Sponsor Add-on - $5,000 (1 available)

You provide the lanyards that every attendee will wear around their neck - a great way to get exposure throughout the conference!

Hotel Key Cards Add-on - $4,000 (1 available)

Put a custom design with your logo on it into the hands of attendees staying at the conference hotel! This is a great way to put your brand out there in a highly visible way. Sponsorship includes all costs and ordering - we'll take care of everything and work with you on the design.

Party Board Game Host Add-on - $4,000 (1 available)

On Friday night we'll be holding a Board Game night at St. Louis Union Station Hotel. With this sponsorship you can be the exclusive host of this event with whatever branding you'd like to provide and billing across the schedule. We would love your assistance in coordination as well.

Caption Sponsor Add-on - $4,000 (5 available)

To make the conference a better experience for a greater group of attendees, we provide live captioning in several session rooms. Your logo will be displayed on the caption screen throughout the conference.

Video Sponsor Add-on - $2000 (5 available)

Strange Loop makes videos available for free to non-attendees following the conference. As a video sponsor, you support the recording and release of these videos. In exchange, your logo will be displayed in the pre-roll slides before every Strange Loop video. These videos receive 10,000s of views in the year following the conference. Video sponsorship is a great way to get a wide impact from Strange Loop after the conference.