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Remote Workstations for Discerning Artists

Netflix is poised to become the world’s most prolific producer of visual effects and original animated content. To meet that demand, we need to attract the world’s best artistic talent. Artists like to work at places where they can create groundbreaking entertainment instead of worrying about getting access to the software or source files they need. Our solution is Netflix Workstations. They are remote workstations tailored to artists’ needs that make it easy to just start working, whether in an office in Mumbai or at their house in Vancouver.

The technical needs of fast-paced productions can vary wildly and change rapidly. We needed to not only make it easy for artists to have a one-click experience; but for developers to be able to control and customize that experience. This project was all about the new. I was new to Netflix. A new studio. A new team. How do you look at the vast array of technology options and say this is what I am going to bet my year on? We’ll provide a peek into the future of Netflix Workstations and how it evolves from a single picture to an expanded universe of use cases.

Michelle Brenner

Michelle Brenner


Michelle (she/her) is a Senior Software Engineer, with 10 years of experience in tech, from engineering support to manager. She runs an interview format tech podcast called From the Source that examines what tech jobs are really like. A Philadelphia native that now calls Los Angeles home, she is an art school graduate and a self-taught engineer. She enjoys making it easier for others to create great things, from artists to entrepreneurs. Michelle works to promote diversity and inclusion in tech through conference speaking and organizing, mentoring, board membership, and making sure everyone knows they belong here.