Strange Loop

Sept 22 - Sept 24, 2022


Union Station


St. Louis, MO

Practical Quantum Computing Today

Until recently, quantum computing was largely restricted to researchers and scientists who had access to physical computer systems. Today, cloud access – like D-Wave’s Leap quantum application environment – and improvements in quantum computing hardware, software, and developer tools are empowering programmers around the world to code on live quantum computers in real-time via their browsers — quantum mechanical knowledge not required.

Users and companies have already built over 250 early applications on D-Wave’s computers in industries ranging from automotive to machine learning, aerospace, finance, and more. The quantum application era is here, and the growing quantum developer community is making it a reality.

In this session, Alex Condello, Manager of Applications Development Technology and Tools at D-Wave, will talk about the growing quantum application development ecosystem and how developers can start learning to code on a quantum computer today. Alex will also explore some of the early applications that developers and companies have built to-date using D-Wave's system.

Alex Condello

Alex Condello

D-Wave Systems Inc.

Alex Condello is D-Wave’s Manager of Applications Development Technology and Tools. He is one of the creators of Ocean software, D-Wave’s suite of quantum tools. Condello attended Queens University, Canada, where he earned a Bachelor of Applied Science in Mathematics and Engineering (Computing and Communication), as well as a Masters of Applied Science in Mathematics.