Strange Loop

Sept 30 - Oct 2, 2021


Union Station


St. Louis, MO

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Asami: Turn your JSON into a Graph in 2 Lines

Asami is an open source graph database that provides the same functional and time-travel operations as Datomic, but with some additional unique features. Operating in the JVM or in a web browser, it incorporates the schema-less approach of RDF with a more generalized data framework. This gives us much more flexible data structures that can be loaded and indexed trivially, while still using a familiar API for querying. Storage can be in memory, on disk, or can be extended to external storage such as other databases or key/value stores.

This talk will discuss how Asami achieves all of this, how the architecture is used to do novel graph analysis operations, and how it can be used to provide an SQLite experience for graph databases. Give us a JSON file and in 2 lines of Clojure we can load it as a graph, ready for querying!

Paula Gearon

Paula Gearon

Cisco Systems

An avid Clojure development, Paula likes to work in the most technical parts of a system building the infrastructure that lets other developers do their jobs. She has been the technical lead on several commercial and open source projects, with a focus on data storage and processing, and was a lead editor for the SPARQL standard for accessing RDF databases. When not coding, she does triathlons, cooks, helps her children with homework, and mentors and supports young members of Women Who Code. Originally from Australia, she currently lives with her family in Virginia, in the USA.