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Why I chose to modularize the ducks in my React App

React and Redux are hot but the state management can be overwhelming for beginners. I'm going to help you keep your code DRY, scalable, and maintainable- the dream trifecta!- regardless of its size and scope. This talk will help you dissect the components and break React and Redux down into both manageable and comprehensible steps. Creating "ducks", or modularized components, allows you to keep all of your state in one place and avoid creating a new file for every single action and reducer. Using an example app that ranks the Top 20 Most Binge-Worthy Shows, this talk will not only cover HOW to modularize your React code but more importantly explore WHY one would choose to do that in the first place! No need to be familiar with React or Redux, this session is more on the process of modularization in general.

Lauren Lee

Lauren Lee


English Teacher turned Software Development Engineer-- thanks to Ada Developers Academy, a training program located in Seattle for women and gender diverse people seeking to become full-stack software developers.