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The Glitching Hour

the glitching hour

Nostalgia is at the heart of image processing. Many Instagram filters mimic the quirks of old film and instant cameras. Now that digital imagery has been around for a while, glitching from data corruption can totally be a retro aesthetic, too!

This talk covers different image formats, including Bitmap and JPEG, how they are structured differently, how images can be compressed using frequency space transforms to shrink an image to 1/10 the original file size with little detectable change. All of this leads up to how we can corrupt image data to produce glitching effects, with different techniques depending on the file format, and demo some code written to produce the most artistic glitch effects possible.

Amy Wibowo

Amy Wibowo

Bubblesort Zines

Amy is a programmer and designer who cares about STEM and STEAM education and making the world better through human-centric design and technology. She is the founder of Bubblesort Zines--zines that explain computer science concepts via drawings and stories. Previously, she was a web dev at Airbnb, did machine learning research at Honda Research Institute in Japan, and HCI research at the University of Tokyo.