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Sept 30 - Oct 2, 2021


Union Station


St. Louis, MO

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Of Data Dropboxes and Data Gloveboxes

What do Cold War era nuclear isolation gloveboxes have to do with today's data science? It turns out potentially a lot!

Very similar to nuclear engineers of the Cold War, Data Scientists often have access to very sensitive material (data). Today's data scientists need a way to interact with toxic data where spilling more than a few data could be destructive to a company. Securing compute clusters to be like nuclear glove boxes of old is one technique to limit data exfiltration and ensure data production is regularized, reliable and secure.

This talk will cover the philosophy and implementation of:

Clay Baenziger

Clay Baenziger

Bloomberg L.P.

Clay Baenziger - is an architect for the Hadoop Infrastructure Team at Bloomberg. Clay comes from a diverse background in systems infrastructure and analytics. At Sun Microsystems, his team built out an automated bare-metal Solaris deployment tool for Solaris engineering labs and later his contributions were core to the OpenSolaris Automated Installer. Providing a good introduction to Hadoop, his team at Opera Solutions built out a financial portfolio analytics product. Merging the two, his team at Bloomberg has now openly developed infrastructure for low-latency HBase, Spark, scalable ingest with Kafka and big-data warehousing using much of the Hadoop ecosystem. Clay is a past leader and presenter at the Front Range OpenSolaris Users Group (FROSUG) and has provided big data ideas at Hadoop Summit North America (2014), the San Francisco Hadoop Users Group (July '14), Chef Conf (2015) and HBase Con East (2016), ApacheCon Big Data (2017), DataWorks Summit San Jose (2017), DataWorks Summit Berlin (2018).