Strange Loop

Next: September 12-14 2019


Stifel Theatre


St. Louis, MO

Git from the Ground Up

Git is notorious for its complex and opaque commands and high learning curve. In this talk, we'll unlock git by exploring what happens under the hood in its key pathways. Attendees will leave this talk with an understanding of git internals and knowledge to help them debug the gnarliest of git conundrums.

Safia Abdalla

Safia is building Zarf, publishing and branding platform for authors. Zarf is the first product of the company she bootstrapped, Tanmu Labs.She maintains open source projects like legit, goops, commentator, checklist, brief, giddy, fony, and many more. She is also a collaborator on the nteract project. Safia likes building minimal but productive and powerful tools. She co-hosts the BookBytes podcast and the JSPartyFM live podcast. Safia writes about technology, open source, and the trials and tribulations of solo foundership on her blog. She gives keynotes and talks on open source, the future of technology, how to be a solo founder, and more. Safia holds a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from Northwestern University.