Strange Loop

Sept 30 - Oct 2, 2021


Union Station


St. Louis, MO

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Building Senior Engineers

We're looking for someone more senior. This candidate was a bit too junior. How can we find more senior candidates? At some point in our career, we've all heard or said statements like these. But what really makes a senior engineer anyway? What traits and skills do they possess and what's the best way to determine when a candidate fits that mold? What steps can one take to get from junior to senior engineer?

As someone who's seen this issue from both sides, I'll share my thoughts on how we can improve. What simple changes can we make to avoid passing on great hires? What should we be focusing on to find the best candidates? How can we highlight our true strengths as candidates to stand out and show we're the best fit? This talk will provide takeaways to advance your career and build better teams.

Dalton Mitchell

Dalton Mitchell


Dalton Mitchell works as a Senior Engineer for Riskalyze where he helps financial advisors empower their clients to invest fearlessly. He has been writing code for over 10 years and is just starting to get the hang of it. He discovered functional programming a few years ago after seeing a talk on Elm and never looked back. He currently drives his coworkers crazy by mentioning Elm or Elixir at least once per day.