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Universal Reason

The world of compile-to-js is only getting more exciting and the tools are only getting better. With ReasonML, there is a strong candidate for a typed language that compiles down to readable JavaScript that is usable by functional programming beginners and experts alike. With ReasonML, you take everything you love about building applications for the web. Add types for safety and a world class compiler that doesn't require you to write type declarations for every expression but just infers the types through the program.

Learn how to build a universally rendered ReactJS application in ReasonML, on both the front and the backend. Covering: an introduction to the language, an overview of the bindings to existing JavaScript libraries like ReactJS and Express, and how to tie it all together to build a modern webapp without sacrificing type safety or expressiveness, in the same language on both the server and client.

Jacob Bass

Jacob Bass


Jacob's first introduction to programming was automating Excel spreadsheets because he was too lazy to copy-paste. His interest in doing more by typing less led him to web-development, where he mostly develops tools and libraries for teams to use internally.