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Observability for Emerging Infra: What Got You Here Won't Get You There

Distributed systems, microservices, containers and schedulers, polyglot persistence .. modern infrastructure patterns are fluid and dynamic, chaotic and transient. So why are we still using LAMP-stack era tools to debug and monitor them? We'll cover some of the many shortcomings of traditional metrics and logs (and APM tools backed by metrics or logs), and show how complexity is their kryptonite. So how do we handle the coming complexity Armageddon? What are the implications for teams and roles and the way we build and ship software? Let's talk about the industry-wide shifts underway from metrics to events, from monitoring to observability, and from caring about the system as whole to the health of each and every request.

Charity Majors

Charity Majors


Charity is cofounder and CEO of, where we are trying to make some of your observability dreams come true. She hates monitoring with a fiery passion and wants to drown 95% of dashboards at sea, but other than that she's rather nice. Especially after a nice single malt or three.