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Inside Twitter's Realtime Delivery of Tweets for Enterprise Customers

Reliably delivering a customizable subset of hundreds of millions of daily Tweets to hundreds of customers with thousands of end-users is no small feat, especially when that has to be done in realtime without missing a Tweet. Twitter's PowerTrack is a product that provides Enterprise customers the ability to filter a full firehose of data in realtime to receive only the data that they are interested in. Customers can define rules for the Tweets they receive based on a wide variety of dimensions, such as user attributes, geo-location, and language.

Come learn about the PowerTrack architecture that solves technical challenges such as:

Lisa White

Lisa White


Lisa is the tech lead of the team responsible for building streaming data products at Twitter, including the Powertrack Streaming API. Prior to joining Twitter in 2014, Lisa was a software engineer at ExactTarget, where she architected and developed APIs. Earlier, she designed custom software implementation solutions for Enterprise clients at ExactTarget. Lisa earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science from the University of Notre Dame. She is @elemdoubleu on Twitter.