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Getting started with the Go Programming Language

Go is an awesome language, evident by its continuing adoption. It is an open source language that offers a simple syntax, robust concurrency model, rich standard library, and numerous development tools to its users. Its simplicity, however, conceals its power and its ability to allow programmers to write concise and correct programs. This session is designed for developers interested in leaning how to get started building exact and reliable software with Go. Presenter, Vladimir Vivien, explores the essentials you will need to get you started with the language with topics including:

This is a code-driven session. Each topic will be supported by plenty of code samples that attendees can try during the session or later at their leisure.

Vladimir Vivien

Vladimir Vivien

{code} by Dell EMC

Vladimir Vivien is a software engineer and author of the book "Learning Go Programming". He enjoys working on open source for fun and profit. Currently, he works at {code} by Dell EMC where he spends the majority of his time working on storage related projects such as libStorage and Kubernetes volume plugin. When he is not working, Vladimir enjoys spending time with his family, playing with his beat-making gears, and reading about technology.