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Getting started with TensorFlow

TensorFlow is an open source software library from Google for numerical computation using data flow graphs. It provides a flexible platform for defining and running machine-learning algorithms and is particularly well suited for building deep neural networks. This workshop will offer some practical, hands-on experience with TensorFlow. We'll start by start by providing some background and motivation for problems in machine learning, introduce some core TensorFlow concepts, and play with some fun demos. Then, we'll dive into a deeper exploration of TensorFlow, and build and train several different neural nets. In the process we'll use some of TensorFlow's high-level libraries and tooling.

Amy Unruh

Amy Unruh


Amy Unruh is a developer programs engineer for the Google Cloud Platform, with a focus on machine learning and data analytics as well as other Cloud Platform technologies. Amy has an academic background in CS/AI and has also worked at several startups, done industrial R&D, and published a book on App Engine.