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Flutter: How we're building a UI framework for tomorrow at Google

Google ships and maintains hundreds of mobile apps. Most are held to high standards of quality and performance and, in the name of such, are built twice by separate teams and from separate codebases for iOS and Android.

This talk will discuss a new mobile UI toolkit, Flutter, which was was built for quickly developing best-in-class, beautiful applications for both iOS and Android.

In particular, this talk will highlight the architectural choices made when designing Flutter to enable the creation of high quality apps without relying on "native" UI toolkits. Examples include using an modern/emerging language (Dart), choosing to build a novel functional-reactive framework, as well as favoring composition over inheritance in said framework. We will also discuss how these choices combine to achieve developer benefits, such as a sub-second code-change-to-live-on-phone-without-losing-state dev cycle, as well as user benefits, such as easy simultaneous feature releases and highly custom, delightful app experiences.

Listeners will leave with an understanding of a novel system for building mobile apps and how Flutter can accelerate their next project.

Eric Seidel

Eric Seidel


Eric Seidel leads the Flutter team at Google, helping Google write better mobile applications, faster.