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Empowering the next billion with OSTree, Flatpak, NDN, and the cloud

Do you earn more than $15,000 per year? Do you have Internet at home? If you have Internet, do you have an un-metered connection? Do you have more than 4 years of schooling? The world is moving at a lightning-fast pace but as it does so, it's leaving the underdeveloped and undeveloped countries further behind where the answers for many of these questions is a "no" across the board. People living in such circumstances have a hard time accessing and utilizing the resources that the tech world creates but we can help reduce this digital divide by changing the tools we use and how we think about connectivity.

In this talk, we will discuss the next-gen tools and techniques Endless uses to reach and empower this next billion: OSTree, Flatpaks, NDNs, asynchronous Internet, cloud technologies, and a few others. The talk will be a coverage of each with stops for various points of interest and comparisons vs other competing technologies.

Srdjan Grubor

Srdjan Grubor


Srdjan Grubor is a software engineer who has worked on Endless OS since its inception. He enjoys breaking things just to see how they work, tinkering, and solving challenging problems. He believes that there is always room for philanthropy in technology.