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Data Visualization with responsive D3.js

This presentation teaches how to create data visualizations from a sample data set and how to bind data to web elements. Participants will learn about the six discrete stages of the data visualization development process and receive step-by-step instruction on how to use the web's leading data visualization technology, D3.js This presentation is intended for engineers with limited to no experience coding front-end visualizations who are interested in learning how to easily create data visualizations within a web application.

Iuliia Konivetska

Iuliia Konivetska


Iuliia has been developing user-friendly front-end experiences, including data visualizations, since 2004. After realizing that computer engineering allowed her to blend an interest in art and design with technology and science, she pursued a B.S. in Computer Science. In 2006, Iuliia opened a free-lance consulting firm to offer front-end web development services, serving a range of clients from celebrities to large corporations like Sony and Panasonic. Currently, Iuliia works as a lead developer at overseeing the UI/UX of several large work streams, including Idea Boards, Wayfair Business, and Visual Search.