Strange Loop

Building switches like servers: the strange world of overlapping networking and services

Network vendors typically bundle their hardware and software together and offer ranges of carefully customized solutions to their customers. While this provides plenty of options it often doesn't meet the needs of rapidly expanding, large data center operators. Disaggregating hardware from software and building the core networking software stack as just another service provides one way forward. We show how typical procedures for large-scale services like whole fleet updates and staged rollouts get applied in the networking world and share some of the interesting operational consequences we discovered along the way.

Sonja Keserovic

Sonja Keserovic


Sonja started her US engineering career on Microsoft's Common Language Runtime (CLR) team. She spent 10 years at Microsoft and contributed to other projects focused on developers including the C# compiler and ASP.NET. Sonja moved to Bay Area in 2011 where she joined Twitter and led the Finagle and JVM teams. Two years ago, she joined Facebook where she leads FBOSS team, Facebook's custom network switch software.