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Biomaterials: Designing New User Experiences

As software developers, we build for the capabilities of the platform our customer consumes our software on. While we can easily imagine the ways the gyroscope or haptic abilities of a smartphone shape what we build for mobile, or the intent structure of a Google Home or Alexa app defines what we build for voice, as a software engineer at Warby Parker I've observed the opportunity for software developers to consider the material of the products our companies sell as another plane for creative technology and enhanced user experience. In this talk, I share some exciting trends in biomaterials: materials derived from nature or synthetically produced materials that are inspired by nature. I offer a look at some unique properties of these materials in the hope of inspiring people to explore the ways they can hack on these materials to create new types of experiences.

Ruthie Nachmany

Ruthie Nachmany

Warby Parker

Ruthie Nachmany is a software developer at Warby Parker. When she's not trying on glasses and building software that helps people try on glasses, she organizes the NYC Amazon Alexa meetup, the NYC Salon speaker series, and a sunrise club.