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A (Not So Gentle) Introduction To Systems Programming In ATS

The recent surge of interest in secure memory management has sparked a renaissance of type safe systems programming languages. ATS is a statically typed ML that compiles to C and offers what almost no other modern systems language including Rust has: type safe pointer arithmetic. It is unabashedly large and complex featuring a dazzling array of verification tools from advanced type system mechanisms like refinement types right up a full proof language. This talk will use these features to show off the language's incredible power and control with non-trivial examples C interop, concurrency, and GC free low latency servers. No ATS experience is expected but the talk will move fast. Basic experience with C and a type system like Haskell's will be helpful.

Aditya Siram

Aditya Siram


I work as a Scala developer by day, but write Haskell, Shen, C, Rust and ATS by candlelight. My latest passion is languages like Rust and ATS that use sophisticated type systems that allow safe memory access and high level abstractions over unboxed data structures.