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Tulip: A Language for Humans

There are a lot of competing ideas about what makes a language “good”. This is because we as language designers still have no idea what we're doing. The design of Tulip is based on careful study of a wide variety of popular and esoteric programming languages over about 4 years. Its runtime takes cues from Erlang, and its syntax is slightly like ML, but with a few key innovations designed for repl ergonomics. Tulip is one of the new languages to come out of the language community Snek, emphasizing languages by minority designers and implementers.

Sig Cox

Sig is a cute compiler witch. She loves types and optimization and process calculi is dedicated to mastering their magic. She makes tulip compile and tweets constantly (@sigfig).

Jeanine Adkisson

Jeanine loves languages. She spends most of her time thinking about language design, the pros and cons of different approaches, from a human-centric perspective. She designed tulip as well as a few smaller languages here and there, and she hosts an emerging languages discussion group called Snek.