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Swiftly create a mobile app

Do you ever look at a popular app and think that it doesn't look so hard to make? Do you just never getting around to making an app yourself? Luckily for you, you can take the plunge and learn how to make a quick and simple iOS app!

In this workshop, you will get a crash-course in Swift by creating a Boggle-like iOS app. You'll become familiar with using Apple's Xcode as well as learn to structure a mobile app. Not only will you leave with a working app that you can play in between sessions, but you'll also have dozens of ideas on how to expand the app and grow your skills.

New and old programmers alike will awaken their creative side and be inspired to create the next, new popular app!

Neem Serra

Neem Serra


Neem Serra is a Ruby and iOS developer in the St. Louis area. She teaches and mentors at a variety of non-profit organizations such as Software Carpentry and the Roy Clay Senior Tech Impact web development workshop. As the lead of the Google Women Techmakers group in St. Louis, she started the St. Louis Techies Project to highlight the diversity of technical people in St. Louis, and she started Technigals Anonymous to help women create a board of directors for their professional lives. Neem loves to bake, read comics, and host craft nights.