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React Native Intro Workshop for iOS and Android

Learn how to use JavaScript to build high-quality, performant applications for iOS and Android with React Native! This three-hour workshop introduces the React Native, a framework for writing cross-platform applications using JavaScript. Mobile components, styling, and native APIs such as local storage are discussed, and participants will build a simple weather forecast application for iOS and Android. Additionally, we'll discuss the foundational concepts that make React Native work, and how it differs from other cross-platform solutions. The workshop assumes some prior familiarity with React and JavaScript, and requires a working developer environment. Attendees with previous mobile experience and ability to read JavaScript are also welcome. Pre-attendance instructions will be provided.

Bonnie Eisenman

Bonnie Eisenman


Bonnie Eisenman is a software engineer at Twitter and a member of the hackerspace NYC Resistor, with previous experience at Codecademy, Fog Creek Software, and Google. She is the author of Learning React Native, a book on building native iOS and Android applications with Javascript, published with O'Reilly Media. In her spare time, she enjoys learning languages, tinkering with hardware projects, and knitting. Find her on Twitter as @brindelle.