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St. Louis, MO

PureScript & Pux -- a safer, more expressive way to React

You've heard of Elm and it sounds super cool, but you can't rewrite from scratch and you don't want to give up the innovation of the React community! What if you could get Elm's benefits one file at a time while still utilizing your existing or 3rd party React components? What if that alternative also supported hot reloading, component styling, and smart editor plugins? What if it was simultaneously a simpler and more powerful language, letting you easily drop into familiar JavaScript while also supporting crazy powerful abstraction and typing features?? Welcome to PureScript (& Pux)!

Michael Trotter

Director of Front End Development at Programming language enthusiast, currently playing with/using/learning PureScript, Idris, Haskell, Elm, ReactJS, Erlang, Elixir, and Clojure. I'm always trying to find safer, more expressive ways to code and am really interested in improving the developer experience. I organize the Utah Haskell meetup, along with Julia (@ryoia) and Murphy (@splodingsocks) and present at other local meetups.