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Pragmatically applying Functional React.js

React.js is one of the hot topics in our industry. It challenges the status quo introducing new ways of thinking about and building dynamic web applications. In this workshop we'll explore the pragmatic application of React.js and especially how to use it with a functional approach minimizing mutable state and side effects.

In this workshop we'll discuss:

This interactive workshop is ideal for intermediate javascript developers who want to grow in their knowledge and understanding of React.js and functional techniques for writing solid, performant, and maintainable code.

Jeff Barczewski

Jeff Barczewski


Jeff Barczewski has been a software engineer, architect, and instructor for over 25 years. He is the founder of CodeWinds and Inspired Horizons, a training and consulting firm based in St. Louis, MO. He is married and has a daughter who is studying broadcast journalism at Mizzou. He enjoys giving technology talks at meetups and conferences. Some notable recent talks include teaching React.js at JSConf 2015 and presenting at Nodevember 2014 and 2015. Prior to starting CodeWinds, he was part of a small team that built the MasterCard foundation for ApplePay and secure tokenized payments via MasterCard Digital Enablement Service. For the last couple years, Jeff has focused on creating and publishing online developer training for React.js and Node.js through CodeWinds (