Strange Loop

Live Coding Music with TidalCycles

Take a break from the daily grind and learn how to make music with TidalCycles. TidalCycles is a pattern-based live coding language written in Haskell. This workshop will cover the installation of TidalCycles if not installed prior to the workshop (see Learn how to use TidalCycles to create patterns that manipulate samples in the Dirt sample engine, then learn about the various functions built into TidalCycles to manipulate those patterns to create interesting sounds. We will also cover using the new hybrid engine SuperDirt, which combines Dirt with the power of the Supercollider synthesis engine.

Have fun generating your own dance floor hits or explore a more experimental side of music. Whichever you choose, you will have fun creating it.

Scott Fradkin

Scott Fradkin

Flexion, Inc

Scott is a team lead, Java, and JavaScript developer for a consulting company, Flexion. While not working on web applications for clients he enjoys live coding music using Sonic Pi and TidalCycles. He believes in the power of music and its ability to get kids interested in programming. Partnering with a local web development company, Scott leads Sonic Pi workshops for groups of kids in underserved areas of the county. He also regularly teaches programming to kids through his local Community Education program.