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Knit, Chisel, Hack: Building Programs in Guile Scheme

This talk makes the case that Guile is a delightful medium for making crafty programs, from the most ephemeral scripts to long-lived systems that you can rely on for years. Guile takes the elegant Scheme programming language, integrates it with the POSIX environments that you know and loathe and love, and wraps it all up in a responsive, hackable environment that nurtures programs from the small up to the large. Guile hacker will give you a gentle introduction to the language as they lead you through the process of building cool stuff in Scheme. With all this going for it, maybe you will choose to make your next program in Guile!

Andy Wingo

Andy Wingo


Andy loves programming languages and programming language implementations, and has co-maintained Guile Scheme for some 7 or 8 years now. He has also contributed to the V8 and SpiderMonkey JavaScript implementations, and wrangles LuaJIT at work to build high-performance software switches. When he's not hacking, you'll find him out in the garden trying to keep the sparrows from eating his peas.