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Kittens - datatype-generic functional programming with Scala

Kittens is a proof of concept library built on top of shapeless[1] and cats[2] as an experiment of combining generic and functional programming. It can help Scala programs achieve higher flexibility with datatypes without compromising safety. Through several example projects using kittens, this talk will provide a peek at the power of datatype generic functional programming.

[1] shapeless [2] cats

Kailuo Wang

Kailuo Wang

iHeartMedia Inc.

Kailuo Wang is a software engineer at iHeartRadio where he's building a microservice platform using open source scala technologies such as akka, cats and shapeless. He is passionate about building open source software, film photography and free learning through open courses. Projects he contributes to as a maintainer includes typelevel/cats, milessabin/kittens, iheartradio/ficus, iheartradio/kanaloa and iheartradio/play-swagger.