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Is It A Bug Or Is It A Story?

Sifting through big data can provide fantastic insights into customer behaviour. However, besides map reduce and rigorous scientific methodology, there can often be interesting insights gleaned from the outliers. Zooming into small data can reveal either bugs in your big data scope or oddball user behaviour. Both of these can be nuggets of gold.

From the Iraq War Logs to Fifa Files, Nicola Hughes, an investigative data journalist turned developer will go through the data principles learned from digging deeper into data. How to isolate human behaviour. Why to be distrustful of your data. And how to interrogate your data like an investigative journalist. Ultimately, deciphering a bug from a story.

Nicola Hughes

Nicola Hughes


Left CNN International to learn to code with tech startup ScraperWiki, becoming a Knight-Mozilla OpenNews fellow at the Guardian in 2012 and a data journalist at the Times & Sunday Times the following year. Now a developer at social justice and technology consultancy, ThoughtWorks. Data sleuth and promoter of women in tech.