Strange Loop

When the OS gets in the way.

Modern operating systems are complex beasts, responsible for sharing hardware resources between many competing programs. For low-latency systems, sometimes it's necessary to subvert the OS to grab back the resources your program needs. In this talk, we will explore what is actually going on when you run a program, how much time it actually gets on CPU, and strategies to help make your code run as fast as possible. By the end of this talk, you will know how to tune your software and the linux kernel to get the most from your hardware, and more importantly, how to validate that your changes have worked.

Mark Price

Mark Price

LMAX Exchange

Mark is a Senior Developer at LMAX Exchange. He has been working on low-latency systems for over 10 years. Mark has helped the LMAX technology stack mature from start-up level to its current form. Along the way, he has specifically focussed on the limits of Java performance and the interactions between the JVM and its host operating system.