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The art of service discovery at scale

Whether it is a simple DNS lookup or a complex dedicated solution, service discovery is the backbone of any microservices architecture and an immature solution can soon turn into an achilles' heel.

Nitesh Kant in this talk will introduce the concept of service discovery and various use cases it solves in a complex service based architecture. He will then be introducing Netflix's Eureka (; a highly-available, multi-datacenter aware service discovery solution built from scratch, it's architecture and how it is unique in this space, by favoring Availability over Consistency in the wake of network partitions.

Nitesh Kant

Nitesh Kant


Nitesh Kant is an engineer in Netflix's Cloud Platform team, working on their Inter Process Communication stack. He is the author of RxNetty ( which forms the core of Netflix's IPC stack. He is also a contributor to other Open source projects like Eureka ( and Karyon (