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Relevance of ClojureScript

ClojureScript is a compiler for the Clojure programming language that targets Javascript. One of ClojureScript's goals is to provide features that Javascript lacks. Some of these features are macros, concurrent programming and persistent data structures. With the release of ES6 and other Javascript advancements, one might ask "is ClojureScript still relevant?".

In this talk, we will discuss how ClojureScript stacks up against ES6. Code examples in Javascript and ClojureScript will be demonstrated. At the end of the talk, an attendee will have enough information to make an informed decision about using ClojureScript.

Jearvon Dharrie

Jearvon Dharrie


Jearvon Dharrie is a software engineer at Comcast. Jearvon spends his day working with Ruby, and the JVM. In his free time he enjoys toying with programming languages. He is currently interested in Clojure and ClojureScript.