Strange Loop

Hands-on Functional Swift

This workshop will be a hands-on live coding introduction to Apple's Swift programming language with emphasis on the functional aspects. Attendees will bring their Mac laptops with Apple's Xcode IDE pre-installed and will follow along with the exploration of the language's support of first-class functions and their composition into higher-order functions, immutable value types and their implementation in the form of the standard library's base collection type, and Swift's unique convenience pseudo-mutator syntax that makes copy-changes possible without the need to any sort of lens library.

Marc Prud'hommeaux

Marc Prud'hommeaux

Glimpse I/O

Marc Prud'hommeaux is the indie developer at, making enterprise database and data visualization apps for iOS and the Mac. After a mis-spent youth writing enterprise software in C and Java, he has since 2006 been developing Cocoa apps in Objective-C and was the author of the first e-book reader in the app store: Stanza. He has helped develop apps for Amazon, the New York Times, Oracle, and other large organizations. Marc has been writing software for over 30 years and has given talks, presentations, and trainings in a dozen countries.