Strange Loop

Constraint Logic Propagation Conflict Spreadsheets

We present a live coding system that bridges constraint logic programming with data-centric reactivity. Relations are treated as tables. A module is a table (or sheet of tables) grouped by columns. We enable speculative what-if analysis by locally overriding facts.

Facts may be associated values and constraints. Aggregation operators, such as sums, specify a value by folding over unifying substitutions. Constraints propagate among related facts limiting satisfiable domains. When a domain becomes empty, provenance tracking provides conflict maintenance and resolution.

William Taysom

William Taysom

Innovative Auctions LLC

William Taysom as a senior software engineer with Innovative Auctions has developed combinatorial pricing solvers responsible for allocating billions of dollars of spectrum licenses across the world. He has moonlighted as a programming language researcher ever since his days as a Philosophy student at CMU and an associate at the Florida Institute for Human and Machine Cognition.