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Cognitive Bias: A reflection and path forward

Cognitive bias is one of the demons hiding in the dark when it comes to writing software. Your perception of situations can prevent you from being rational. In this talk, I'll visit examples of cognitive bias in the process of making software and present alternative views, which the viewer will amalgamate into future decision making processes. The goal of this presentation is to reduce dogma, and make it easier to see how other points can be valid even when it offends your primal sensibilities.

Bryan Liles

Bryan Liles


Bryan Liles works on strategic initiatives for DigitalOcean. In layman's terms, this means he writes OSS for DigitalOcean and others. Helps communities move their software to the public cloud, and gets to speak at conferences on topics ranging from Machine Learning to how build the next generation of developers. When not thinking about code, Bryan races cars in straight lines and around turns and builds robots and devices.