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Beginning Onyx - Distributed Computation in Clojure

Does your application need to manipulate more data than a machine can handle? Have you tried Hadoop, Storm, or Spark but felt it didn't quite fit your problem?

Onyx is a new distributed, masterless, fault tolerant computation platform written specifically with Clojure developers in mind. Onyx gracefully composes many concerns that other frameworks complect: computational structure, data flow, lifecycles, deployment, and more. Its superpower is its ability to create distributed workflows at runtime in an ad-hoc fashion. In effect, Onyx allows you to bridge the gap across programming languages, execution environments, and machines. Nothing is fixed at compile time, offering you near infinite flexibility compared to its competitors.

This workshop will begin with an overview of Onyx's design, information model, and usage patterns. We'll put our new-found knowledge to work and develop a sample analytics application that exercises each of Onyx's core features. After this workshop, attendees will feel comfortable writing and deploying Onyx programs to the cloud to combat their data-driven problems.

In order to complete this workshop, you'll need an intermediate amount of Clojure experience and a working installation of Leiningen.

Michael Drogalis

Michael Drogalis


Michael Drogalis a software engineer at ViaSat and the creator of Onyx. By day, he works on private cloud infrastructure to support satellite operations. By night, he hacks the Onyx platform - moving Clojure to the forefront of the distributed computation universe.

Lucas Bradstreet

Lucas Bradstreet

Independent Consultant

Lucas Bradstreet is a core contributor to Onyx. In a previous life he worked in analytics for Oil and Gas and performed research into evolutionary algorithms.