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Aurelia - the next generation JavaScript framework you will love

Aurelia is a next generation JavaScript client framework that leverages simple conventions to empower your creativity created by Rob Eisenberg, creator of Durandal, who left Angular 2 team to create cleaner and simpler JavaScript framework of tomorrow written in ECMAScript 7!

Jakub Jedryszek

Jakub Jedryszek


I am a Software Engineer at Microsoft. I work on the Azure Portal - one of the biggest Single Page Applications in the World written in TypeScript. I am co-organizer of dotNetConfPL - online conference for .NET Developers. I have a blog at I started web development over 10 years ago. Before Microsoft, I was working as a Web Developer for SMT Software, Division of Communications and Marketing at Kansas State University, and PGS Software. In Grad School I was Research Assistant at SAnToS Lab research group, at Kansas State University. I developed a Model-Driven Development and Verification Approach for Medical Devices.