Strange Loop

Welcome to the wonderful world of Sound!

Overtone and Tidal are two projects that help turn functional programmers into musicians, crafting their music through code. Overtone is a Clojure based open source audio environment designed to explore new musical ideas (powered by supercollider). Tidal is a Haskell implemented pattern language that is very popular in the Algorave scene.

This workshop is about helping explore and inspire the next wave of musical programmers or at the very least have a lot of fun making our computers make silly sounds. No musical theory or music training is required, just an open mind and some programming knowledge.

We will explore: * Creating instruments through synthesis * Live performing and transforming music * Algorithmic music generation. * Harnessing OpenGL through Shaders to create interactive musical visualisations. * Programming hardware such as a Monome or Leapmotion to control music.

Joseph Wilk

Joseph Wilk


Engineer @ SoundCloud helping shape the future of Sound.