Strange Loop

Practical Fractals in Space

Fractals have uses beyond generating virtual coastlines and making colorful dorm room posters. In particular, space-filling curves such as Hilbert or Morton (Z-Order) are immensely valuable in building data structures to store and search multidimensional data. This talk will cover the practical uses of space-filling curves, how they are implemented, and how they can be used to improve traditional data structures.

Michelle Brush

Michelle Brush


Michelle Brush is a math geek turned computer geek with 14 years of software development experience. She has developed algorithms and data structures for search, compression, and data mining in embedded as well as enterprise systems. In her current role as a Senior Software Architect for Cerner Corporation, she manages and mentors early career software engineers on test-driven development, code quality, and communication. She is also the chapter leader for the Kansas City chapter of Girl Develop It.