Strange Loop

Next: September 12-14 2019


Stifel Theatre


St. Louis, MO

Our Shared Joy of Programming

Have you ever had flying dreams? Or dreams that all of a sudden you finally understood it "all"? These feelings are echoed in the joy we experience in learning, discovering, and creating as software developers. This talk will explore and celebrate this precious and fragile joy. We will look at ways to enhance it and avoid things that threaten to squash it. In particular, we see how it binds us all together as a community and how we can nurture it in each other.

Carin Meier


Carin started off as a professional ballet dancer, studied Physics in college, and has been developing software for both the enterprise and entrepreneur ever since. She has a thing for Clojure and can be usually found with a cup of tea in her hand, hacking on her Roomba and AR Parrot Drone.

Sam Aaron

University of Cambridge

Sam is a live coder and strongly believes in the importance of emphasising and exploring and celebrating creativity within all aspects of programming. He is the lead developer of Overtone a live coding music environment in Clojure, Quil a Clojure front-end to Processing and Sonic Pi a beginners music live coding environment used to teach programming within schools. Sam is also one half of the live coding duo Meta-eX.