Strange Loop

Make a game from scratch in JavaScript

In this two-and-a-half-hour workshop, you'll go from nothing to a 2D action game that runs in a web browser.

I'll livecode a simple game that demonstrates how to implement animation, keyboard input, sound and collision detection. You'll spend the rest of the workshop using those techniques to make a game: Asteroids, Space Invaders, Snake, Lunar Lander, or something of your own design. I'll be there to pair and help troubleshoot.

You'll come away from the workshop with your first game, and an architectural approach that scales to ten, a hundred or a thousand times as many lines of code. You'll learn techniques for debugging graphical programs with tight loops. And you'll learn to find and fix performance hot spots in your code.

For this workshop, you'll need to be familiar with JavaScript, and have a computer that has a web browser and a text editor installed.

Mary Rose Cook

Mary Rose Cook

I write code, make music, work at Hacker School and live in New York City. I’ve made two games: Pistol Slut and Empty Black. I’ve made a micro framework for JavaScript games: Coquette. I’ve made a programming language for children: Isla. I’ve spoken at JSConf, EmpireJS, Front-Trends, BerlinJS and BrooklynJS.