Strange Loop

Get 'go'ing with core.async

core.async is the latest Clojure tool for managing concurrency and avoiding callback hell, but do you know how to use it? This workshop will give you the necessary hands-on experience to be able to build Clojure or ClojureScript applications using core.async.

This workshop will begin with a brief overview of core.async's primitives and common ways they are composed to solve problems in your programs. You will then put this knowledge in practice by building a chat application that uses core.async on both the server and the client.

In order to complete this workshop, you should have some experience with Clojure or ClojureScript and a working Clojure or ClojureScript environment.

Daniel Solano

Daniel Solano

Daniel is a long-time software developer who uses a variety of programming languages, including C++, Clojure, and Scala. He caught the functional programming bug a few years ago and has yet to fully recover. He helps lead Clojure's Google Summer of Code initiative and explores functional programming on Android and Glass in his spare time.