Strange Loop

Building Analog Displays for Your Data

The tick tock of an antique clock. The click and whir as the odometer in a classic car rolls to the next mile. There’s something comforting and familiar about measuring things that matter with an analog display.

Analog displays are fun, engaging, use multiple senses, and become a part of your environment. Often they help you discover surprising things about your data in very different way than a typical computer visualization.

In this talk, Larry will share how he developed a collection of whimsical and engaging displays to visualize metrics and events. He will introduce some simple hardware platforms including Arduino, Raspberry Pi, and Spark Core. He will discuss a series of display projects and share code examples connecting them to a variety of data sources.

This talk is meant to inspire you to interact with your data in a different way and give you a starting point to create your own analog displays.

Larry Ogrodnek

Larry Ogrodnek


Larry Ogrodnek has been a professional software developer for 15 years working in security, networks, and high volume web services. He considers himself a futurist programmer and has built world-class development teams at multiple startups. Larry currently serves as Director of Technology at Bizo, a data-driven marketing platform. He is also the founder of Analog Machines, maker of open-source electronics kits. Larry enjoys spending time with his daughter and hacking on electronics. His personal blog advertises itself as “the intersection of sandwiches, technology, and beer culture.” He has cornered the market on LED nametags.