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Real-World Datomic: An Experience Report

This talk will explain Datomic from the perspective gained in implementing and optimizing a real-world production system. We will emphasize understanding the Datomic indexing process, since an understanding of Datomic hinges on grasping its indexes. Attendees will come away "leveled up" in their understanding of the relationship between schema, query behavior, and the operational characteristics of the transactor. While no previous Datomic experience is required, the simplicity of Datomic's architecture means we will be able to quickly move past introductory material into an understanding of the underlying mechanisms, in the context of a real-world problem.

Craig Andera

Craig Andera


Craig is a consultant with Cognitect (formerly Relevance), where he has achieved "nerdvana" in being able to work every day with at least one of Clojure, ClojureScript, and/or Datomic. He has several decades of experience building large-scale, web-based systems for customers.