Strange Loop

Real Development Boot Camp in SWI-Prolog

Most programmers encounter Prolog in a programming languages survey course, where the emphasis is on toy logic puzzles. Unfortunately, this introduction perpetuates a stereotype of Prolog as a special purpose inference engine rather than what it is, a powerful general purpose programming language well adapted to agile programming.

Programmers who do discover SWI-Prolog's vast niftyness as a development environment have few resources for learning the practical tips and tricks that are part of true facility in any language. This boot camp style workshop will focus on developing practical facility with the SWI-Prolog IDE and http/ web framework.

Prerequisites 1. Familiarity with the basic Prolog paradigm (e.g. an undergraduate programming languages course, or reading Clocksin & Mellish). 2. Hands on workshop. A laptop with software installed (See URL below before installing!) 3. Grab course materials at (I'll prep this nearer the date)

Anne Ogborn

Anne Ogborn

University of Houston

Anne Ogborn is the virtual world specialist for the University of Houston Dept. of Health and Human Performance. Most of their off-world development is in SWI-Prolog.