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Rails Girls: Empowering women through code

It's well known that women have a low participation in the field of technology and computation. Only 27% of people working in software development are women and when we refer to women in Open source projects we will find that the number comes down to 2%. Some of the reasons that can explain why women participation is so low in these kinds of projects are the lack of roles and reference models which encourage them, the feeling of exclusion generated by some men and the lack of attraction coming from women.

Rails Girls is an organization that has as a main objective to motivate and arouse interest of women to the technology using Ruby programming language and Ruby on Rails framework. Rails Girls also provide tools to create and develop their own ideas through workshops around the world and programs like Rails Girls Summer Of Code.

Adriana Palacio and Laura Garcia

Adriana Palacio and  Laura Garcia

Adriana Palacio and Laura GarcĂ­a are involved as students in Rails Girls Summer of Code Program. Adriana has a Bachelor in Mathematics from the Universidad del Norte and now she is in last year of Computer Sciences Program with Laura in the same university. They have worked with C, C#, Java, PHP and Ruby.