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Make Your Mobile Apps Accessible to All

Using accessibility (a11y) technologies in iOS and Android, developers can make their apps usable for people with disabilities. Android even allows 3rd parties to create accessibility service for inaccessible apps! In this talk, I'll review the accessibility libraries in iOS and Android. I'll show how to make an existing iOS app accessible and how to create accessibility hierarchies for complex views. I'll also show how to make an Android app accessible and how to write an accessibility service for an existing app that isn't accessible

Heath Borders

Heath Borders

Jive Software

I’ve been a full-time iOS developer for 4 years, and I’ve built and delivered many iOS apps for major enterprises. I'm currently the Mobile Technical Lead for Jive Software. I started learning iOS when the iOS 2.0 SDK was announced in July 2008. I run STL Mobile Dev, St. Louis’ Mobile Developers Group. Before my adventures in mobile development, I was an awesome Java EE and Eclipse RCP developer. During the spring, I play Hurling.