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Go hack session

Go is a fun and lightweight systems programming language aimed at tasks traditionally handled in C or C++. Whilst superficially simple it provides abstractions for concurrency and design by composition which make it surprisingly powerful without sacrificing clarity of intent. The team behind Go aren't scared to be opinionated and by cutting away much of the complexity of its more established cousins have achieved much of the feel of dynamic languages without sacrificing efficiency.

This workshop is an informal hacking session for Go novices and experts alike where we can share our collective knowledge whilst playing with code and hopefully having a few laughs. There's no pre-planned agenda and everyone attending is encouraged to bring their laptop along with code and questions.

Absolute beginners are especially welcome and we'll do our best to get you up and running with the latest release of the language as well as introducing you to the Go way of doing things.

This is a FREE session and no sign-up is required.

Eleanor McHugh

Eleanor McHugh

British hacker Ellie has a passion for the esoteric corners of programming and a history of demonstrating how Ruby can hold its own against traditional systems languages. When not coding Ellie is a responsible parent who just happens to enjoy polyhedral dice, home brewing and gothic music.