Strange Loop

Git, Illuminated

Start using git: it feels like any other version control system. Notice how branching can improve your day: start to benefit. Step off the happy path for one minute: oh my god what did I do?

This workshop shines a light on git, so you won’t ever panic again. It reveals the purposes of git’s stages and steps -- to make your project history as readable as your best source code.

Emphasis on concepts and vocabulary (in pictures!) will light the way as you solve problems and choose among options. Hands-on exercises will let you explore workflow alternatives, and then play "stump the instructor" with unexpected repository states.

Topics include * Mysteries of rebase and reset * Radical collaboration with branches * Telling a story by rewriting local history * Suggested workflows, including git-flow * Tooling: visualize your repository * Tricks and tribulations

After this workshop, you won’t know how to do everything, but you’ll know how to find out. Get ready to be the go-to person when git goes awry, and bring your team a new dawn of efficient collaboration.

Jessica Kerr

Jessica Kerr

Jessica Kerr spent a dozen years writing Java before starting the journey toward functional enlightenment. These days she learns daily in Scala, with nighttime forays into Ruby. Her mission as a developer is continuous improvement, and git is a favorite walking stick on that path. Her mission as a speaker is to bridge the gap between OO and FP, spreading her excitement to programmers everywhere. In the last year and change, she spoke at ten conferences in four countries. Yet the conference she loves most of all happens right here in her hometown, St. Louis!