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Girl Develop It at Strange Loop, Python Edition

Girl Develop It is an international organization, certified by the Board of Education, that exists to provide affordable and accessible programs to women who want to learn software development through mentorship and hands-on instruction.

Python is a widely used general-purpose, high-level programming language often used as a scripting language. It has been around since the late 80s and has influenced many of the trendier languages used today.

This class will teach you basics of command line, and an introduction to Python. The class also assumes no previous programming experience, but any experience you come with will be well utilized. Bringing a laptop for some hands on experience is highly recommended or be prepared to make a new friend or two.

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Neem Serra

Neem Serra

Girl Develop It!

Neem Serra is an iOS developer in the St. Louis, Missouri area with a background in python and biology. Neem is passionate about eliminating the barriers of getting people into programming, and in her spare time plays Pathfinder (a flavor of D&D) and bakes.